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Council tax problems - 5 ways to help you pay

Wednesday, 1st October 2014

Council tax is a priority creditor and non payment can in some circumstances lead to prison, below we have a 5 point guide to help you manage the payment.

1. Can you make your payments monthly?

Many local councils let residents pay their council tax over 10 or 12 months.

Check with your council explaining your circumstances, to see if they offer this service

2. Are you eligible for council tax benefit?

Whilst talking to your council tax office find out if you qualify. You don’t necessarily only get a reduction on your council tax if you are unemployed or claiming benefit.

Would you benefit from a benefit check-up? If so then we direct you to a free and easy-to-use benefits checker

3. Is your house in the correct tax band?

Tax bands were set on property valuations set on 1st April 1991, not on their valuation in today’s prices and it may be that your property was placed within the wrong band. You can appeal the banding to try and reduce the cost but remember some properties may have been wrongly put in a lower band so only appeal if you are certain it will make your bills cheaper!

4. Are you eligible for single persons allowance or the second adult rebate?

These are perhaps the most usual reasons for a reduction and sometimes the claim can be backdated if there is a good reason for not claiming them before.

5. Have your circumstances changed?

It’s sometimes not easy to keep on top of things these days, with children growing up and moving out (and sometimes moving back), or work situations changing, perhaps with redundancy and benefits issues to be managed.

However if your circumstances do change it is important that you contact your council tax office and keep paying your tax until it can be reviewed and hopefully revised in your favour.

I still can't pay the council tax

If you are still struggling to pay your council tax then get some professional help sooner rather than later.

We have a list of debt advice agencies that will help you for free.

See free debt help / advice agencies

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