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“I’m sinking in £20,000 of credit card & catalogue debt” / “I opened my ex partner’s post and found he’s been hiding £88,000 of debt from me”

Tuesday, 13th February 2018

These were just an example of some of the calls I received on my most recent LBC Money hour on Sunday 8-9pm, 11 February 2018. (Free podcast link at bottom of page).

Although all calls to the show are important and very much appreciated two did stand out, they were caller number four, Yvonne from Stepney, who said her £20,000 of credit card / catalogue debt meant she was not sleeping and basically sinking. The other caller five, Caroline from Guildford, being so desperate after receiving a lot of post and following a visit from bailiffs to her home she decided to open her ex-partner’s mail. To her horror Caroline discovered he had been hiding £88,000 of debt.

It sounds horrendous but this was nothing I hadn’t heard before and I was able to help out. I reassured all the callers and signposted them all to the relevant agencies and businesses to get that important free debt advice and help to plan a way forward. You could feel the pressure lifting from Caroline once I explained where she and her ex-partner stood with the debts and it was a complete surprise to her.

Yvonne's debt problems are also severe and it was evident talking with her on the show that her debt issues were getting to be too much for her, I felt she lacked confidence so I offered to speak with her off air which was accepted. I'm currently assisting Yvonne, completely free of charge, and already we have made good progress with getting her debt under control, and her life back.

Looking back, I really enjoyed the show for two reasons, the variety of the caller’s problems and the fact I wasn’t meant to be doing the show. I was enjoying my day off when I got the call asking if I could help out as the chap originally booked was poorly and could not make it in to the studio.  That’s what I like about my job, apart from being rewarding you just don’t know what’s coming next.

I’m next on LBC with Clive Bull. Sunday 8-9pm, 18th March 2018.

If you want to have a listen to these callers and the information they were given then see the following link for the free podcast from LBC. We have broken down the topics and given you a timeline for the callers, news & adverts have been removed.

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Free podcast – Topics & Timer - LBC with Clive Bull - Money Hour Sunday, 8-9pm 11 February 2018

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