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Police Officers' pay, debts and food vouchers

Thursday, 9th August 2018

Police officers’ debt problems have cropped up quite a few times over the past few days, two of my last direct enquires were from separate police officers, one with £55,000 of unsecured debt and the other £40,000 and then we had the recent survey conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW) on police pay and moral.

Police officers are not robots, they are humans!

Not surprisingly the survey revealed that nearly 10,000 police officers have taken on a second job to earn extra money to pay bills and debts. I’ve been helping police officers and support staff with their debt issues for around 25 years now and therefore understand how they suffer from debt triggers such as separation, illness (includes mental) and change in work conditions which can lead to loss of overtime and unsociable hours payments. Quite a few police officers have informed they also took a pay cut between £5,000 and £10,000 a year when they joined up!

So why is it alarming for the police and not teachers, nurses etc?

Yes, I have heard the arguments that other public sector workers also need higher pay increases and deservedly so. I can’t argue with that but what I can say it is a worrying time when police officers, the last but one line of defence from anarchy and riots after the Army, need to be remunerated for their loyalty (cannot strike), the dangerous job they do and to ring fence them from being temped with bribery and corruption.

Food vouchers and welfare help

John Apter, Chair of the Police Federation of England and Wales, remarked in the press release that some police officers are struggling financially with some having to resort to food vouchers and other welfare schemes. Surely this cannot be right or acceptable that those employed to keep the public safe cannot make ends meet or put food on tables for their families.

But the Police will be awarded a 2% pay rise in September!

The Government’s recent announcement of a 2% pay increase for police, which in real terms amounts to an uplift of just 0.85% means police officers’ pay has now decreased by around 18% since 2009/10, says the Federation.

When you examine police pay over the years, the Police Federation say it has actually reduced by 18% since 2009/10 when you consider inflation. So are we to see a new review of police pay and conditions such as the one in 1977 commissioned by the then Labour Government, I was one of those officers that received 45% increase in 1978!

Another concern is that 75% of those officers (27,000 completed the survey) said they feel financially worse off than they did five years ago.

The Police Federation

The Police Federation of England and Wales, represents almost 120,000 police officers up to and including the rank of Chief Inspector. Established by statute, it is responsible not only for the welfare of their members, but also ensuring that their views on all aspects of policing, including relevant legislation, are relayed to government, opinion formers and key stakeholders.

The Police Federation’s membership status currently stands at 98%. For more information visit www.polfed.org

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Any Police officer reading this and wishes to speak with me in person can make contact via direct message on Twitter @debtwizard, Facebook 'DebtWizard' or call the number on the DebtWizard website and ask for me to call you back. I will get back to you within 24 hours, in total confidence.




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