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Listen - free pod cast - LBC debt radio phone show 1/7/18

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Listen - free pod cast - LBC debt radio phone show 1/7/18

Postby Debtwizard » July 4th, 2018, 1:15 pm

Well this was a of a belter of a show, not just because it was a hot day, more as a result of the first and last callers.

Cara (caller 1) “My £3,000 of payday loans are now £13,000,” and Peter (caller 4) “I have £60,000 on four credit cards paying just £1 per month, what can I do?”

These were just two of the calls to my recent Money Hour on LBC, Sunday 1 July 2018. See link at foot of page to listen to free podcast with topics and timeline.

It's only over the past six months that I stared writing blogs on the LBC shows becasue they are so fascinating, intriguing and often sad cases and wish to share my thoughts. In my blog I go through the options open to each one plus that little more not mentioned on the show.

How to listen

Topics & Timeline

I've added a list of the topics and timeline of the audio to make it easier to access certain parts of the show. Just click below to start listening. Just move the timer on the podcast to the part of the show that interests you the most. All news bulletins have been removed by LBC.

Free podcast now available - LBC, 8-9pm, Sunday, 1 July 2018

How to read blog

You can read the blog on the LBC Money Hour here

If anyone has any comments then I'm more that happy to read them here.

Best wishes,
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