National Numeracy Day - BBC Essex - 16/5/18 - Listen again

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National Numeracy Day - BBC Essex - 16/5/18 - Listen again

PostPosted: May 22nd, 2018, 2:54 pm
by Debtwizard
National Numeracy Day

Mike Thomas (aka DebtWizard) was in the BBC Essex studio with Dave Monk talking about the first National Numeracy Day introduced to raise awareness on how important maths skills are in every day life. A recent survey showed almost two fifths of the 11,000 consumers spoken to found everyday tasks that involve maths stressful and confusing.

Mike explains how poor maths skills can impact on your debts and gives just an example when making only minimum payments on credit card debts, it's shocking! Then Mike mentions how one police officer he helped didn't know how much he owed and was out by at least £15,000. Next up is compound interest and how one client went bankrupt with £36,000 of credit card debt only to receive £46,000 in Payment Protection Insurance (PPI), Mike explains how he lost the lot.

How to listen

Now available on the BBC iPlayer - BBC Essex Drivetime with Dave Monk 16/5/18 for 29 days from 16/5/18.

For the conversion before Mike's clip go to 2.07.39. Mike starts at 2.14.20 - 2.21.25 (7mins & 5 secs).

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