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Free podcast now available - LBC Money Hour with Clive Bull - Monday 9-10pm 13 June 2016

Sunday, 12th June 2016

Mike & Clive in the LBC studio

Below is the free podcast from Mike's appearance on LBC's Money Hour on 13 June 2016 with Beverley Turner sitting in for Clive Bull. It's free to listen to.

On this show, Mike talks to Beverley about the latest news affecting consumers with debt issues, and takes calls, texts and emails from listeners around the country. Below is a timeline of the audio to make it easier to access certain parts of the show. Just click below to start listening.

The Money Hour - Monday 13 June 2016 (44.28 mins news bulletins removed)



Topics include, county court judgement (CCJ), credit card debt, warrant of control, 0% credit card balance transfers, credit unions, authorised bank overdraft, debt mental health issues, debt and mental health evidence form, Martin Lewis, creditors / debt collectors, assets / pensions in bankruptcy, official receivers, trustees in bankruptcy, parking tickets enforcement, limitation act 1980, debt collectors and old debts, mortgage shortfall debts, fee charging debt management firms, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Source of debt help, StepChange, Citizens Bureau, debt management plans (DMPs) debt and credit rating.

Time line

Mike opens the show with Beverley commenting on the Government current review on offering consumers with debt issues statutory ‘breathing space’ to enable them to seek informed debt advice. Mike then gives his four key points that every consumer with debt issues should think about before they start researching debt advice and goes through the debt options that do actually freeze interest and stops creditor / debt collector court action.

08.20 Call 1 Katie was looking for information about a county court judgement (CCJ) on a £500 credit card debt from nearly six years ago.

13.20 Mike answers some texts that say people are living beyond their means and the debt is their own fault.

17.16 Call 2 Lee said his 0% credit card has come to an end and now cannot afford the 20% interest rate.

22.00 Beverley asks Mike how easy it is to get into debt if you have mental health issues.

24.23 Call 3 Terry went bankrupt in 2008/9 and had recently been contacted by an insurance company about a pension / insurance policy now due to him, he wanted to know if the policy will be taken by the trustee / Official Receiver (OR) that dealt with his insolvency.

28.38 Call 4 Lucas used to work for a limited company and is now being chased for a parking ticket which has now climbed to £500.

33.00 Text - 'Is there a maximum period of time to chase outstanding debts?'

35.10 Call 5 Jay was looking for information after his debt management firm closed down and he wanted to know if he should contact his creditors directly.

40.06 Ruji 6 Was looking for information about an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) as she had around £19,000 of debt.

42.58 Text - 'My debt management company is asking one of my creditors to put my debt with them back into collections. Is this right'

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If you need more information on how to best manage your debts then look at free debt help / advice agencies, they will not charge you fees for debt options. 

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