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BBC Radio London - Drivetime with Eddie Nestor 4pm - 5pm, Thursday 15/3/2018

Thursday, 15th March 2018

Mike was in the studio from 4pm with Eddie Nestor helping listeners overcome council tax arrears and credit card debts, he took calls and text messages from listeners.


Council tax arrears, bailiffs/enforcement officers, consumer bankruptcy, income payment agreements (IPAs), statutory demand, Official Receiver's fees, trustee fees, cost to go bankrupt, credit card debts, debt management plans (DMPs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Local Government Ombudsman (LGO), Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form (DMHEF).


Mike is on from 4-5pm set the timer to 04:54 to get the theme of the show or see the timeline below for callers and topics that interest you.

09:34 First up is a clip (3mins 7secs) from one listener who is a house owner and previously called the show saying he is about to be made bankrupt for council tax arrears. Mike goes through the Official receiver's (OR's) fees to be added to the council arrears, it's frightening.

21:50 Call 1 Dan related his experience of being pursued for council tax arrears a couple of years ago and how he had to deal with letters and bailiffs.

27:42 Ed asks Mike if he has ever been in debt and they both comment on how people feel when they have unmanageable debt problems. Then Mike mentions the key triggers that put people into serious debt. 

34.05 Call 2 Carl said he had £47,000 of debt and was looking at going bankrupt but when Mike began to look into Carl's circumstance he surprised him by revealing he would still being paying his creditors through his bankruptcy. Mike then goes through some alternatives to bankruptcy which Carl didn't think were possible.

44:34 Call 3 Ritchie asks why pay more council tax when we are getting less of a service.

49:30 Call 4 Sarah asks if she can take her council to court for money they owed her.

53:04 Call 5 John revealed how he turned his life around from an alcoholic and then sought help to pay his council tax debt. He also offered some interesting tips on your budgeting and expenditure which led to Mike offering him a job.

56:48 Text to show 'We are horrified as we have just discovered a family member owes £6,800 in council tax arrears, owns a property that is in a terrible state of repair, and now I'm scared about him losing his home.' Mike then offers them a trump card and explains how the Debt & Mental Health Evidence Form (DMHEF) can help the family.

How to listen

Sorry, this is no longer available on the BBC iPlayer.

Mike's Blog on this show

You can read Mike's blog with additional information, links and his thoughts of the show here -

How a council tax arrears debt of £5,000 will cost the home owner £20,000 in as little as three years

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