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Free podcast now available - LBC Consumer Hour with Clive Bull, 9-10pm, Monday 27th August 2018

Monday, 27th August 2018

Mike & Clive in the LBC studioBelow is the free podcast from Mike Thomas's, founder of DebtWizard.com, appearance on LBC's Money Hour on Monday, 27 August 2018, with Clive Bull. It's free to listen to. On this show, Mike, aka DebtWizard, talks to Clive about the latest news affecting consumers with debt issues, takes calls, texts and emails from listeners around the country.

Topics & Timeline

We have added a list of the topics and timeline of the audio to make it easier to access certain parts of the show. Just click below to start listening. Just move the timer on the podcast below to the part of the show that interests you the most. All news bulletins have been removed by LBC.


Triggers for getting into unmanageable debt, payday loans, the problems at Wonga payday loan company, Debt Relief Orders (DROs) credit unions, debt consolidation loans (DCLs), 0% credit balance card transfers, debt options, IVA house equity, credit / store card debt, county court judgements (CCJ), administration order, charging orders, debt solutions, applying for bankruptcy on line, debt management plans (DMPs), Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), consumer bankruptcy, HMRC debt, payment protection insurance (PPI), Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), National Debt Line and StepChange.

The Money Hour - Monday, 27 August 2018 (45 mins 13 secs with news bulletins removed)



Use the timeline below on the podcast to find the part of the show that you want to listen to.

Clive opens the show asking Mike about the role of a debt counsellor and then asks what is going on at Wonga the payday loan company following reports that they may be close to collapse.

06:52 Call 1 Dave in Ruislip was looking for information after he was told by his bank his account is to close in 60 days and he is to pay off all his debts, £20,000. 

12:35 Call 2 Sughant from Mitcham wanted to know if he could go bankrupt to reduce his £35,000 of debt.

20:01 Call 3 Dee in Chiswick said she has been paying £75 per month for 12 years on her credit card debt of £4,000 and it has not reduced and wanted to know what could be done to change this.

26:42 Clive asks Mike why people experience debt problems which prompts Mike to explain the three different categories of why people fall into unmanageable debt. Then Mike and Clive talk about how much it costs to the borrower when making just minimum payments on credit cards.

31:07 Call 4 Joseph in Tower Hamlets was looking for information for his sister who has debts for water, electricity and credit cards.

34:39 Call 5 John in Ladbrook Grove has £28,000 of debt, not a house owner, and was tired of working 80 hours a week to try and make ends meet.

41:12 Call 6 David said he has £60,000 of credit card debt as well as  £12,000 to HMRC and wanted to know his options.

Please note

The advice/information offered in this show is for your guidance only you should seek your own independent and financial opinion.

Are you in debt but don't know where to start?

If this is you then we offer information on what to do when you have a debt issue, who to contact for help, how to take control of your situation, what to say to your lenders / debt collectors and that importantly how not to pay thousands of pounds in fees.

You can see the full five point guide here In debt? Don't know where to start?

Where to get 'not for profit and free debt advice

If you need more information on how to best manage your debts then look at our list of the 'not for profit and free' free debt help / advice agencies, they will not charge you fees for debt options.

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