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A fee charging debt management company is a firm that will charge you for debt advice and debt service. They usually take the first two months’ payments into your plan as upfront costs followed by 15% of your monthly payment plus VAT. The New Protocol launched in February 2013 will mean that the up front fees will be taken over six months. See Debt Management Protocol


There are some good fee charging firms operating in the debt industry and if you are happy with your firm then fine. However there are some shockers out there and we have the following guide to help you spot them, see our 7 point guide to spotting a dodgy debt advice website!


If you are thinking of starting a debt management plan or wish to transfer to a 'non' fee debt management plan and not pay fees then see how much we can save you by using the slide bars on our unique fee saving calculator above.

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No sponsors and no hidden agenda, the fee-free debt advice website.

Welcome to the official website of the Debtwizard®, Mike Thomas. Debtwizard.com has clients in more than 80% of the nation's Police Forces as well as in the Prison, Fire and Rescue, and Ambulance Services, M.o.D, and in other public service departments.

Headed by Mike, Debtwizard® is one of the UK's leading debt counselling organisations, offering practical solutions, impartial advice and fee free solutions on reducing debt.

Through our trusted 3rd party we offer free support and advice on unmanageable bills, debt problems, mortgage arrears or home repossession, bankruptcy and Individual Voluntary Arrangements, IVAs, Trust Deeds, Protected Trust Deeds, Sequestration and debt management plans in England, Wales,  Northern Ireland or Scotland.

You can telephone for free debt advice and in the strictest confidence:

0800 197 8433 or complete the on-line rapid response form.


Mike Thomas (the guy behind it all)


Former Metropolitan Police Officer specialising in Diplomatic Protection and Dog Handling, now a TV & Radio contributor and founder of a fee-free debt help website debtwizard.com.

Media coverage includes BBC 1, News Channel, Sky News, Five News, ITV and in the press. Recently reported for BBC Inside Out London and had a new five day debt series on BBC 1, My Worst Deal.

Regularly appears on numerous regional radio stations and has an expert slot on LBC radio every few weeks helping listeners with all aspects of personal debt, house & car repossession debt, creditors, debt collectors, bailiffs, credit problems, IVAs, bankruptcy, DROs and debt management plans.

Mike also trained further developing his personal counselling skills to enable him to help people with the psychological impact of coping with debt.

More links to Mike Thomas: Mike's Blog, Twitter use @debtwizard Google+


DebtWizard and Payplan (trusted 3rd party)

The Debt Management Company that has been chosen to work in association with DebtWizard is Payplan.

Payplan offers free to client debt solutions such as mortgage arrears or home repossession, bankruptcy, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Trust Deeds, Protected Trust Deeds, Sequestration and free Debt Management Plans in England, Wales, Northern Ireland or Scotland irrespective of your circumstances.

The advice you receive is free, without obligation and there are no upfront fees.

Mike is in contact with Payplan on a daily basis.

If you are offered a Debt Management Plan (DMP), an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA) or a Protected Trust Deed PTD, then please remember that you will be under no obligation whatsoever to proceed with them.

You can telephone for free advice and in the strictest confidence: 0800 197 8433 or complete the on-line rapid response form.

Confirmation of fees

We believe in being transparent and upfront about what fees we earn from referrals, more details of our fee share can be found here

Website content

Mike Thomas writes all the content, if you have any comments, questions or feedback, you may contact him directly through his contact page.

Mike Thomas

Debtwizard.com  0800 197 8433 (24hrs, seven days a week)

Mobile calls may be cheaper on 0207 785 1110 (24hrs, seven days a week)

Need to find a debt charity? On this link we have listed organisations that are also 100% free to the consumer

Free debt advice agencies


As featured in:

BBC - My Worst Deal, BBC Radio, Daily Mirror, the guardian

For no nonsense advice just submit the short form and Mike or one of his team will get back to you.

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Our chosen firm will handle all the claim on a "No Win, No Fee" basis with a fee of 12% + vat, which is only payable if you have a successful claim.

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